Our players are considered family, which means they join a baseball family whose legacy has shaped MLB baseball for three generations and will continue to influence years to come.  Our agency is a client-centric culture and the player’s best interest is our top priority where our team supports and guides our clients on day-to-day life activities on the road to the MLB.

About Us

One of the most dynamic Sports management companies in the world, Culture XXXIX is home to some of Major League Baseballs’ most prolific young prospects. Throughout the Agency’s existence, Culture has embraced an entrepreneurial spirit, offering and executing proactive one-of-a-kind ideas, unique services and marketing campaigns for our Players. 

Culture XXXIX has earned a stellar reputation for being forward-thinking to the modern, baseball marketplace as well as nurturing young talent to become legends themselves.  This success is based upon our team of seasoned and creative executives collaboratively working together closely with our Clients and their families as partners.  As an Agency, we strive for excellence in the pursuit of iconic Big Leaguers that not only reflect great talents, but true representatives of our culture.

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Player Testimonials

“ The group at Culture 39 has been more to me than an agent or an advisor.  It’s like having several big brothers that have played the game their whole lives and truly love sharing their knowledge and experiences with me as a young player.  And when the big brothers are not around, I can talk to real patriarchs of the game and even learn more from them.  They are truly a #familyfirst bunch of guys that have my back!”

- N. Johnson